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Company Profile

National Company for trailers is an affiliate of the Ministry of Industry was established in 1981 with a capital of seven million, six hundred thousand Libyan dinars and the number of employees of the company 250 workers have been trained and Sqlhm and rehabilitation locally and externally and the company operates in accordance with the specifications Company Kalapreeza for trucks Industrial, a company Italian leader in the production of equipment for the trucking company has obtained the certification of international standards for quality management system ISO (9001 - 2000) The company manufactures, sale and maintenance of all the different trucks and equipment with an annual production capacity of 1,200 units.

The factory consists of a set production lines are:

  • Dump funds production line and fixed.
  • Production line of trailers and semi-trailers.
  • Production line reservoirs of different types (fuel and water) mounted cabinets and floor, and buried.
  • Production line of stationary and portable refrigerators.
  • Production line environment protection equipment (trash compactors) and wiring cabinets drainage channels, tanks and suction wells black.

The company is also ready for any kind of manufacturing equipment for special orders and designs according to customers and in record time.


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